Superlux R102 Ribbon Microphone + Cradle + XLR Lead

SUPERLUX R102 Aluminum Ribbon Microphone + Cradle. Featuring the high sensitivity of a condenser microphone, but with the smooth frequency response and excellent transient response characteristic of a ribbon microphone, the new Superlux R102 makes an outstanding choice for recording a wide range of sound sources, including electric or acoustic guitar, vocals, brass instruments, piano, […]... Read More

4x PRV Audio 6MB250-NDY-4 Mid Bass Neodymium 6.5 Speaker 4 ohm 6 PRO Neo 1000W

4 X PRV Audio 6MB250-NDY-4 Neodymium 6.5 Midbass Woofers 4 Ohms. PRV Audio’s 6MB250-NDY-4 6-1/2 midbass woofer offers punchy midbass combined with a smooth midrange and response up to 6,500 Hz. The size and punch of this pro audio driver makes it perfect for use as a midrange driver in a 3-way loudspeaker cabinet or […]... Read More