Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX Home Recording Studio Mixer + Audio Interface Effects

Why people choose us. Alesis Multimix 4 USB FX. MultiMix 4 USB FX is a four-channel desktop mixer with a USB digital audio interface that lets you mix live, in the home studio, and record audio directly to a computer. This compact mixer is perfect for using in computer-recording setups, intimate live-sound environments, video-editing and […]... Read More

6032UZ UHF Dual Channel Headset & Lavalier Wireless Microphone System Cordless

Audio2000 6032UZ UHF 2 Channel Wireless Microphone System w/ 2 Headset & 2 Lapel (Lavalier) Mic. UHF Body-pack Transmitter: 2. Lavalier (Lapel) Microphone: 2. 1/4″ – 1/4″ cable: 1. 6032U UHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System. UHF Band Frequency (571MHz – 598MHz). Operation Range: 300ft Outdoor, 150ft Indoor. Two Independent XLR Balanced Outputs. One 1/4 […]... Read More