4X Acoustic Panels / Slim Broadband Absorbers for Pro/Home Studio

4X SLIM ACOUSTIC PANELS. Wooden Frame and Camira Acoustic Fabric Construction. Industry Standard Acoustic Insulation Core. Effective Absorption Across a Wide Frequency Range. Size: 1240mm x 340 x 50. Wall Fixings Included. A great addition to your professional/home studio, rehearsal room or workspace. Improved audio clarity. The item “4X Acoustic Panels / Slim Broadband Absorbers […]... Read More

2x Acoustic Sound Diffuser Akustik Diffusor Panel tiles treatment wall panel

HIGH QUALITY TRUE SOUND DIFFUSERS 88 cm X 44 cm all two. 17,32″x17,32″(44 cm x 44 cm x17cm) for every item. Approximate size (plus or minus 1-15mm). Weight 2 pc x 6 kg, approximate weight. Amazing price & Quality. N order to work great a diffuser should have a large number of partition levels ordered […]... Read More