Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equaliser Dual 30 Band EQ

Klark Teknik DN360 Graphic Equaliser Dual 30 Band EQ. Dual 30 Band, 1/3 Octave Analogue Graphic Equaliser with Classic Proportional-Q Response and Configured Pin 3 Hot. Classic Proportional-Q equalisation for optimum control of frequency response. 18 dB/octave low-cut filter per channel to eliminate unwanted subsonic frequencies. 30 mm oil-damped precision faders with centre detent. Channel […]... Read More

Klark Teknik EQP-KT ClassicTube Equalizer with Midas Transformers

Klark Teknik EQP-KT Classic Tube Equalizer with Switchable Frequency Selection, Variable Bandwidth and Custom-Built MIDAS Transformers. If ever there is an official Audio Technology Hall of Fame, it will definitely include a shrine to the legendary Pultec EQP-1A. We pay homage to this audio-processing pioneer that has graced so many recordings, with our EQP-KT Classic […]... Read More