Rare Vintage E-Mu Analog Modular Synthesizer as used by MUSE

Rare Vintage E-Mu Modular Synthesizer. I loaned this instrument to Matt Bellamy of MUSE in the early 2000’s, you can see it in use in the studio photo. Condition is well Used vintage 70’s sounds very awesome. Includes Keyboard & Keyboard Cable! The item “Rare Vintage E-Mu Analog Modular Synthesizer as used by MUSE” is […]... Read More

RARE ARP SOLUS Vintage Analog Synthesizer FULLY WORKING

This keyboard has been recently serviced and brought into 100% working condition. Electrolytic caps have been replaced, tempcos have been replaced, it has been recently tuned, calibrated and cleaned. Every knob and slider works and produces an infinite array of incredible sounds. A video demonstration of this ARP SOLUS can be viewed here… The VCOs […]... Read More

RARE Calrec Q2 Recording console 60 Ch 32 bus. British Neve SSL AMAZING DEAL

RARE Calrec Q2 Large format Recording console 60 Ch 32 bus. Here is an amazing large format Calrec Q2 recording console. In excellent condition, this is a very high end British console that were extremely expensive back in the day. It was decommissioned in excellent working condition. This one comes fully loaded. 60 channels with […]... Read More