Telefunken TAB V76m Stereo Pair V76 V76/m Rare Vintage Analog Tube Preamp

Retro Gear Shop is a high-end boutique store located in Nashville, Tennessee. Telefunken V76m Stereo Pair For sale is very rare stereo pair of vintage V76m preamps. V76 are considered some of the greatest tube pres ever made. Comes in a Boutique Audio & Design custom 2 channel rack. It’s in good shape and all […]... Read More

Telefunken V 76 m Mic Preamp

TAB/Telefunken V 76 m tube microphone preamplifier. I sell my V 76m (m for measuring amplifier) tube preamp. The amplifier has been running in my home recording studio for several years, is fully functional and has its own power supply. The Tuchel connector strip is split into audio-in, audio-out and power supply, so the unit […]... Read More

2x Telefunken V676B und 2x BFE Filtek MK7 in hochwertigem Rack

Sie haben hier die Gelegenheit, einen der besten Mikrofonvorverstärker der Geschichte zu ersteigern und das gleich im Stereopaket mit jeweils einem hervorragenden EQ. Bei allen vier Modulen handelt es sich um hochwertige deutsche bzw. Schweizer Rundfunktechnik der goldenen Nachkriegsjahre. Ins 19-Rack eingepasst und mit modernen Anschlüssen versorgt wurden die Schätzchen vom Hamburger Spezialisten Vintage Audio […]... Read More

Telefunken M15 2 Multitrack (both 16 and 24) with matching console rare & great

Fully loaded for 24 track, it might be used as 24 track or 16 track. Both headbridges are included and both in a very good condition, so you can use it for both formats. This is truly huge and hi-end studio tape machine with tons of transformers, fully discrete electronics with lots of V396/V397 amplifiers […]... Read More