Eighteen Sound / 18 Sound 18LW2400 Extended LF Ferrite Transducer Subwoofer

Extended LF Ferrite Transducer. The 18LW2400 is an 18 inch extended low frequency loudspeaker designed for high SPL subwoofer applications in either a reflex, bandpass or. For optimum results we recommend amplifiers able to deliver 2400 Watt program power without clipping. Transducer design features include a large displacement suspension system which, in conjunction with a […]... Read More

PRV Audio 210A-290 Chrome Dual 10 Loaded Full Range Chuchero Enclosure

Your #1 Source for Audio, Video and Speaker Building Components. PRV Audio 210A-290 Chrome Dual 10 Loaded Full Range Chuchero Enclosure. This two-way system is comprised of 2 x 10MB400 10&###x201D; loudspeaker, 1 x WGP14-25 WGP Series chrome waveguide loaded with 1 x D290Py-S compression driver, and a high quality passive crossover specifically designed to […]... Read More

PDWM8700 Rack Mount Wireless Microphone System with 4 Lavalier & 4 Handheld Mics

PDWM8700 Rack Mount Wireless Microphone System w/ 4 Lavalier & 4 Handheld Mics. The Ultimate Wireless Microphone System. The PDWM8700 is a VHF wireless microphone system supporting up to 8 channels of broadcast. Choose from 4 lavalier mics or 4 headset mics and 4 handheld mics. Broadcast your message, ensure the safety of workers&###xA0;or maintain […]... Read More

DOD by Harman SR430 Dual 15-Band Professional Equalizer EQ with Constant Q Filters

DOD by Harman SR430 Dual 15-Band Professional Equalizer EQ w/ Constant Q Filters. The SR430 QXLR is a dual channel, 15 band 2/3 octave graphic equalizer which features constant Q circuitry, housed in a single space rack. The sliders are 20mm center detent, with 12 dB of boost and cut for each slider. The unit […]... Read More

EW300 IEM G3 In Ear Professional Wireless Monitor System For Stage Performance

Wireless in ear monitor system for big stage, High Quality. Professional Monitor system 1. FEATURES: UHF 572-603MHz frequency range Mono Output, PLL Synthesized circuit MP3 Module inside, USB socket LCD display shows the RF level, AF level, channel and frequency. Up to 300 feet(130m) line-of-sight operating range Designed for professional stage and performance applications Preset […]... Read More

Audiomatica CLIO Pocket Personal Acoustic Measurement System

Your #1 Source for Audio, Video and Speaker Building Components. Audiomatica CLIO Pocket Personal Acoustic Measurement System. CLIO Pocket is Audiomatica’s portable loudspeaker testing and measurement system. From measuring capacitors and calculating T/S parameters, to testing the frequency response of a finished speaker, CLIO Pocket can do it all! The completely revamped software has a […]... Read More

Harmony Audio HA-SB1650 XLR Snake Cable 16 Channel 50 Feet (12 Send 4 Returns)

Amp & Sub Combos. Car Audio Packages. Amp & Speakers Combo. Empty Sub Boxes. UTV Side by Side Speakers. Car Speaker Packages. 12 Volt Power Supplies. Signal Path Devices. Speaker Box Fabric. Wall Mount Brackets. In Wall Speakers. In Ceiling Speakers. MP3 Player Accessories. Accessories / Remotes. Marine CD Players. Custom Fit Headrest Monitors. In-Dash […]... Read More

Tascam 122 MKIII MK3 with NEW CAPSTAN MOTOR & others parts new, 6 months Warranty

Tascam Teac 122MKIII Professional Cassette Deck Recorder 122 MK3 100% Working and Tested. NEW Gears (A, B and C). Pinch Roller was checked and if bad was changed. Erase Head was Tested and cleaned. Playback and Record Head was Tested and cleaned. ALL Tape was Cleaned Inside AND Lubricated. Because the items are not new, […]... Read More

NYC Acoustics N212B Dual 12 700w Powered DJ Party Speaker Bluetooth, Lights+Mic

Car Audio & Video. NYC Acoustics N212B Dual 12 700 Watt Powered DJ Party Speaker with Bluetooth, Lights, and Microphone. Condition: SLIGHTLY USED, TESTED TO BE IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION, IN GREAT COSMETIC CONDITION, AND INCLUDES ORIGINAL BOX. Authorized NYC Acoustics Dealer! Dual 12 Powered Bluetooth Speaker. 10 Foot Mic Cable. The NYC Acoustics N212B […]... Read More