RARE ARP SOLUS Vintage Analog Synthesizer FULLY WORKING

This keyboard has been recently serviced and brought into 100% working condition. Electrolytic caps have been replaced, tempcos have been replaced, it has been recently tuned, calibrated and cleaned. Every knob and slider works and produces an infinite array of incredible sounds. A video demonstration of this ARP SOLUS can be viewed here… The VCOs […]... Read More

ARP 2600 FULLY REBUILT Classic Vintage Analog Modular Synthesizer synth Moog VCF

ARP 2600 MODEL 2601 Vintage Analog Modular Synthesizer w Moog Filter REFURBISHED. We specialize in high quality, fully-serviced vintage analog synths, keyboards & other used gear. We’re professional dealers & musicians too. We know our gear inside and out and treat our customers honestly & respectfully. You can find our old feedback by looking up […]... Read More