Opcode Music Quest 8Port/SE Midi Engine made in USA

DHL to USA 58,99. Alternative warenpost international 25 – 35 days registered with tracking. 8×8 MIDI interface – 128 channels IN/OUT. Parallel printer port connection for IBM compatible PC. Standalone MIDI patchbay operation. SMPTE sync and generation. Selectable SMPTE output level. Eight storable user programs. Used Opcode Music Quest 8Port/SE Midi Engine not tested but […]... Read More

Acoustic Optiphon Noise Reduction Double Glazed Glass Unit Made to Measure

DIY / TRADE OFFER. SUPER A-RATED Gas Filled S. Price is for 1sqm Glass Unit. Variable thickness Black Swiss polycarbonate spacer (with Argon gas filling). Acoustic glass considerably reduces outside noise, especially near busy areas such as motorways, main roads and airports. It can be used for interior sound insulation needs, such as room partitions […]... Read More

B&C 10MD26 10 Midbass Midrange Speaker Woofer 8-ohm (B and C) Made in Italy

B&C 10MD26 10 Midbass Midrange Speaker Woofer 8-ohm (B and C) Made in Italy. B&C 10MD26 10 Midbass Midrange Speaker Genuine Pro Audio Woofer 8-ohm (B and C). 3.0 in (76 mm) Voice Coil Diameter. Ferrite Magnet Material. 700 W continuous program power capacity. 76 mm (3 in) aluminium voice coil. 80 – 4000 Hz […]... Read More

SONOSAX SX-V high-end Swiss made Console Mixer 8CH EQ LIM. Broadcast TV Studio

SONOSAX SX-V high-end Swiss made Console Mixer 8CH Broadcast TV Studio. Very nice cosmetic condition inside and outside & perfectly working, fantastic sounding! Eq & limiters on all inputs, monitoring section. Including fitting transport-case & PSU 90v-280v / 30Hz-120Hz. Dimensions:16.7″ x 12.1″ x 2.84 / (424mm x 306mm x 72mm). Weight:14.8 lbs / 6.7kg. The […]... Read More

Ribbon microphone RM BIV 1 handcrafted made in Russia SALE

Indicate the minimum value. Up for sale brand new nice ribbon microphone RM BIV 1 handcrafted in Russia by Russian master Igor Burdukov. This mic has true fantastic sound, realistic submission. In construction of this microphone has t. Oroidal transformers based on amorphous alloy. Comes without shock mount. Type: Ribbon (velocity) Microphone. Ribbon type & […]... Read More

1X15 Empty Low Frequency, Sub, Bass Speaker Cabinet US Made B115-500E

This is what previus buyers said about this product. Great hard-to-find 15 subwoofer cabinet. B115-500E, 15 Empty Bass Speaker Cabinet (#251004662981). This sale is for 1 each, Empty Sub bass cabinet for 15″ speaker, designed and tuned for bass PA or Bass guitar, made with 3/4″ multilayer plywood, finish with black carpet, reinforced bracing inside […]... Read More