Acoustic Skyline Sound Diffuser, Natural Wood Sound Diffuser Acoustic Panel

View more great items. Diffusers «Skyline» are used in the acoustic decoration of walls and ceilings to create a diffuse sound field in the room. It is most often used in: listening rooms, sound recording studios, speech booths, home theaters, concert halls, on television, radio, etc. By creating a diffuse sound field, acoustics improve qualitatively […]... Read More

4X New SALE Quality Natural wood Diffuser skyline acoustic wall wood panel

4x NEW IN BOX. SKYLINE DIFFUSER SOLID WOOD WALL ACOUSTIC PANEL. Specialist acoustic diffuser made from solid quality wood. 1x wood panel size 300/300/50mm. Full size 4x panels 600/600/50mm. Scattering range: 2460Hz – 4200Hz. Choice your colour number? Best for Home music room, recording studio, office, home cinema, pubs, restaurant and many more.. Easy to […]... Read More

6X SALE Quality natural wood acoustic panel sound studio wall ceiling absorption

6X NEW IN BOX NATURAL WOOD WALL ACOUSTIC PANELS. PLEASE SELECT YOUR MODEL (stripes , oval or lab). Best for Home music room, recording studio, office, home cinema, pubs, restaurants, hotels and many more… Easy to install by double sided strong acryl mounting tape (included). Effectiveness – medium and high frequencies. Type of front plate […]... Read More