Analog Cases Analog Cases Korg Wavestate dedicated hard case

Thank you for visiting our page. Analog Cases Analog Cases Korg Wavestate dedicated hard case. We want all buyers to understand there is possibility that. Unison Flight Case for Korg Wavestate Can be locked for security (included: 2 keys) Easy-to-hold and durable handle Demonstrates high protection performance by inserting a special protection foam called die-cut […]... Read More

B1 Analog LED Bass Synthesizer Rhythm Sequencer Beat Drum Machine

Easy and User-Oriented Operation. The B1 synthesizer comes with presets of 128 electronic music genres, as well as 128 user-programmable presets, assisting you to compose your own unique music in a more intuitive way. The modern silicon haptic pads with color changing backlights are more advantageous over the traditional keyboard design. Besides being a sequencer, […]... Read More