USED Yamaha DX7 with HardCase analog synth DX 7 Worldwide shipment 180201

Modulation controller is broken. You can’t hold pitch controller in center position. Please see photos for more cosmetic details. This unit is for 100Voltage (Not unit for 240V). You need the voltage converter to use it. But we will give you voltage converter from 100V to 240V or from 100V-120V, if you need it with […]... Read More

Roland SP-404SX Compact Linear Wave Sampler from Japan

Roland SP-404SX Compact Linear Wave Sampler. Maximum Polyphony: 12 notes. Capable of storing data: Sample = 120 (12 samples 10 bank: it recorded on the SD card), pattern = 120 (12 patterns10 banks: recorded on the SD card). Data Format: 16-bit linear. Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz. Pattern sequencer: the maximum recording sound number = about 16,000 […]... Read More