Wohler HRS-1S Half-Rack Analog 2-Channel Audio Monitor Self-Powered Speaker

Wohler HRS-1S – Half-Rack 2-Channel Audio Monitor Self-Powered Speaker. POWER CORD AND ADAPTER INCLUDED. Smallest Possible Full Fidelity Audio. Two Speakers Driven by Two Amplifiers. Stereo Signals are Summed to Mono. Stereo/Mono Toggle Switch for Headphones. Is a half-rack 1U audio monitor with two XLR inputs and outputs. You can monitor the incoming analog signal […]... Read More

Wohler AMP-1 two channel stereo audio monitoring w power supply

PC / Server Components. Two channel stereo audio monitoring w power supply. Power Cable, Power Cord, Power Adapter, Manual, CD’s, Batteries, Cables, Screws. In expected shape considering age and typical usage. Listings with multiple quantities have different serial numbers. ADDITION CHARGES MAY APPLY. Items are guaranteed to be received as described. Please do not open […]... Read More