4X NEW Quality white solid wood Diffuser skyline acoustic wall studio home panel

4X NEW IN BOX. SKYLINE DIFFUSER SOLID WHITE WOOD WALL ACOUSTIC PANEL. PRO acoustic diffuser made from solid quality wood. 1x wood panel size 300/300/50mm. Full size 4x panels 600/600/50mm. Scattering range: 2460Hz – 4200Hz. Best for Home music room, recording studio, office, home cinema, pubs.. Easy to install by double sided strong acryl mounting […]... Read More

4X NEW! 3D Quality OAK WOOD colour diffuser acoustic wall decoration panel home

4X NEW IN BOX. 3D OAK DIFFUSER SOLID. WOOD WALL DECORATION ACOUSTIC PANELS. Made from solid quality wood. SIZE PER 1 PANEL 300/300/25mm. TOTAL SIZE 4 PANELS 600/600/25mm. Choice your colour wood 1- 11. Best for Home, music room, studio, office, home cinema, pubs, restaurants and many more.. Easy to install by double sided strong […]... Read More