(2) 12 Midbass Timpano 750w Tpt-md12 8 Ohms Car Pro Audio Speakers Pair

2x TPT-MD12 12 Pro Audio Mid Bass Loudspeaker. General Description: TPT-MD12 12 Pro Audio Mid Bass Loudspeaker. Timpanos TPT-MD12 is a mid bass loudspeaker designed for use in sealed enclosures, but would also work well in any system where high efficiency or high output is the goal. This driver has been painstakingly voiced to create […]... Read More

4x PRV 6.5 Midbass Speakers 6MB200-4 v2 + 4x Shallow Tweeters TW350Ti-4 SLIM

The 6MB200-4 v2 now has a more extended mid range response, up to 6.5 kHz compared to its previous model, and is a perfect option for mid range driver replacements in three-way cabinets. The magnet and motor assembly are attached to a sturdy reinforced steel frame, ensuring a solid support structure and long lasting play […]... Read More