Authentic RUSSIAN oktava MK-012 MC-012 cardioid hyper omni caps and -10db pad

10db pad original metal holder and original plastic box. Stereo set of 2 microphones with 6 capsules (2 cardioid, 2 hypercardioid, 2 omnidirectional) and 2 pads. Microphones sellings with original russian manufactury (Tula) graphs of confirmation that it is matched stereo pair. Original wooden or plastic box is included too. We are have 4 sets […]... Read More

Authentic Russian Oktava MK-012-01 MC-012-01 cardioid capsule and -10db pad

Microphones sellings with original frequency graphic. There are many chineese copies of OKTAVA microphones. For your help you can compare photos of authentic and fake mic’s. Oktava from China, so-called “new revised series”. These products are not related in any way to the genuine Oktava products. Has -10 dB pad and original metal holder. All […]... Read More