DIY U87 Clone Condenser Microphone With RK12 Upgrade

Hey there, here is my diy version of well-known circuit design with more affordable components choice and similar frequency response curve. Check photos, because that’s exactly what you would receive. I’ve been putting together mics from diy kits for last 10 years for personal use. 1×1 frequency response curve, pretty close circuit. 90% of sound, […]... Read More

DIY U87 Clone Condenser Microphone

What’s in a box? Gtz 87 (plug & play, tested & calibrated). The authentic sound of a legend. High grade components from US suppliers. Frequency response curve 1×1 reproduce well-known design. Circuit board of this mic got nice transformer and vintage caps. Super colorful recording tool with impressive characteristics. 30 days return window to decide […]... Read More