Benjolin By Rob Hordijk Eurorack

Grab yourself one of these rare, weird and wonderful beasts! The Benjoin was a gift by the famous Rob Hordijk to the synth DIY community. He created a synth that is unrivalled in it’s ability to create wonderful sound textures by being able to modulate and cross-modulate the two voltage controlled oscillators. In addition to […]... Read More

Benjolin eurorack Dual Oscillator & Multimode Filter Aleatoric chaos Module

The Benjolin is a multifunction synthesizer designed by Rob Hordijk. The module consists of four separate function blocks: two VCOs, a state variable filter and an additional circuit, invented by Hordijk himself, called a rungler. This particular arrangement emerged from Hordijk’s efforts to design a synthesizer that was, as he puts it, “bent by design”. […]... Read More