18 Celestion FTR18-4080F aka B52 18-220s Subwoofer Bocina DJ Pro replacement

B52 18-220S 18 Subwoofer. This subwoofer has a very high motor strength and low Fs for good strong hard hitting deep bass. See the 2nd picture for full specifications. This is a special liquidation deal, get them now while supplies last as a substantial savings. See out other listings for qty discounts. The item “18 […]... Read More

18 Celestion FTR18-4080FD aka B-52 18-220X 2000 Watt Subwoofer LIQUIDATION

18 Celestion FTR18-4080FD – aka – B-52 18-220X 2000 Watt SubwooferS. 18″, 8ohm, 4″ voice coil, 2000 watt, cast frame subwoofer made by Celestion for B-52. One of the workhorses of the industry, these are found in many of the big name subwoofer cabinets out there. Rain won’t slow you down thanks to the glass […]... Read More