Alctron S3MKII 500 Series 3-Slot Rack Lunchbox Workhorse Power Supply

Alctron S3MKII 500 Series 3-Slot Rack Power Supply. The Alctron S3 MKII is a triple channel power rack enclosure for 500-series modules, using an external power supply. Its design allows you to put three modules into one rack power. Link and FEED switches are located on the front for easy use. S3MKII 500 Series 3-Slot […]... Read More

Alctron MP100 V2 Hybrid Tube and Solid State Microphone Amplifier FET 12AX7B

Alctron MP100 V2 Hybrid Tube and Solid State Microphone Amplifier. The Alctron MP100 V2 is a hybrid tube and solid state microphone preamp, which is modelled on the UA 710. Featuring a high quality 12AX7B tube, you can mix between the tube and FET signal to achieve your optimum sonic tone. Heavy duty shielded case. […]... Read More

Alctron MP73EQ V2 Microphone Preamp and Equaliser Version2 1073 Professional

Alctron MP73EQ-V2 Microphone Preamp and Equaliser V2. This classic high-end single channel microphone preamplifier and equaliser is based on a Neve 1073, and allows for the use of a wide variety of microphones with its impedance selector on the input. 11 frequency selections, and fully discrete signal path. Alctron MP73EQ-V2 Microphone Preamp and Equaliser V2 […]... Read More

Alctron CP540V2 Professional Studio Compressor V2 Signal Limiter Single Channel

Alctron CP540V2 Studio Compressor Limiter V2. The Alctron CP540-V2 is a pro compressor, based on the 2254 compressor found on Neve’s consoles. Ideal for adding a vintage sonic tone, it is fully discrete and transformer coupled. Independent compression and limiter. Tough high quality steel chassis. Alctron CP540V2 Studio Compressor Limiter V2 – YouTube. Video will […]... Read More

Alctron MP73v2 Classic Microphone Preamp

Alctron MP73v2 Microphone Preamp. (Alctron is an OEM manufacture of many brand name Preamps). “Cascade Microphones Certified Microphone Preamp”. Combines with unique circuit to amplifier ensures output signal quality. Features output volume control knob and LED dynamic indicator to avoid distortion and overload. Mic impedance switchable selection switch to choose the correct impedance to your […]... Read More

Alctron CP540 Neve Style Compressor Mono Strip With Filter, Panasonic Capacitors

Combined post for more than one unit. I’ve put used because of the following alterations These new units have been superceded with Panasonic long life (5000hrs) +105 capacitors People who who have bought these are saying how good they are T he power plug is 2 pin, but i will supply the UK adapter if […]... Read More