Warm Audio WA73-EQ Microphone Neve 1073 style Preamp & EQ, 230-115v Switchable

A Single Channel’73 For The Rest Of Us. S one style of preamp that professional engineers would unanimously agree has defined the tone of pop/rock records for decades, it would most definitely be the venerable’73-style of mic pre. 73-style preamps have been massively used in recording and live applications for many years and are still […]... Read More

Golden Age Project R1 Mk2 Classic Studio Vintage / Retro Style Ribbon Microphone

Golden Age Projects R1 Mk II Vintage Style Ribbon Microphone. The R 1 MKII is a high quality vintage style ribbon microphone. It offers the unique and natural sound that has been available in classical microphones like the RCA 44 and 77 that are still used to make high quality recordings today, after almost 70 […]... Read More

Studio Compressor Golden Age Project COMP-3A Vintage Style Limiter, Leveler

Golden Age Project COMP-3A Vintage Style Compressor / Limiter, Leveler. The COMP-3A is a one channel vintage style Compressor / Leveler. The signal path uses only discrete components like resistors, capacitors and transistors. The input and output is transformer balanced, using two different transformers, each one optimized for its purpose. This is the way audio […]... Read More

LASE ATA Style Flight Case For Pioneer DDJ1000 & DDJ1000SRT with Glide & Wheels

Controller & Laptop not included for Display Only! This Is Our NEW. LASE ATA Style Case For Pioneer DDJ1000 & DDJ1000 SRT with Glide on Wheels. Light Weight And Strong. Are designed as a Controller Case which can be used to store the. Well as other designed controllers. It also protects them from dust and […]... Read More

TUBE CONDENSER MICROPHONE, Telefunken style U47 U67 QUALITY Recording Studio

See what the pro’s say about this – visit the website weirdaudiotech. Com/word. Sound files now available! This is a fabulous sounding mic – elegantly designed that provides liquid warm sound. Old designs were destined to be improved upon and here is the proof. Our gold plated, 34 mm capsules are machined to the highest […]... Read More

Alctron CP540 Neve Style Compressor Mono Strip With Filter, Panasonic Capacitors

Combined post for more than one unit. I’ve put used because of the following alterations These new units have been superceded with Panasonic long life (5000hrs) +105 capacitors People who who have bought these are saying how good they are T he power plug is 2 pin, but i will supply the UK adapter if […]... Read More