Timpano TPT3000EQ 1 Ohm 3600W Amp + 4x PRV 10W650A-4 Midbass 10 Speakers 4 Ohm

4x 10W650A-4 10 Woofer Loudspeaker 1x TPT3000-1 Ohm TIMPANO Amplifier. 10W650A-4 10 ALTO Series Woofer. PRV Audio’s Alto Series 10W650A-4 is an impressive driver, without a high-end price. This 8 ohm 10 is a great woofer for any high output system such as pro audio or even high SPL automotive systems, this driver is capable […]... Read More

2x Timpano Audio TPT-MD10 v2 Midbass Loudspeaker 10 Inch 8 Ohms 1300 Watts Max

2x TPT-MD10 v2 10 Midbass Speakers. Timpano Audios TPT-MD10 v2 10 midbass speaker is a great choice for adding some high output midbass to professional and automotive sound systems. With a large vented ferrite magnet and 2.5 voice coil, this driver is ideal for use in high output applications. When looking for a pro audio […]... Read More

2x Timpano TPT-MD12 12 Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeakers 1500 Watts

2 – TPT-MD12 12 Pro Audio Mid Range Loudspeaker. General Description: TPT-MD12 12 Pro Audio Mid Range Loudspeaker. Timpanos TPT-MD12 is a mid-range loudspeaker designed for use in sealed enclosures, but would also work well in any system where high efficiency or high output is the goal. This driver has been painstakingly voiced to create […]... Read More

4x Timpano TPT-MR8-4 BULLET 8 Pro Audio Car Speakers 400 Watts Midrange 4 Ohms

4x TPT-MR8-4 BULLET 8 Pro Mid Range Bullet Loudspeaker. TPT-MR8-4 BULLET 8 Pro Mid Range Bullet Loudspeaker. Using the latest technology from PRO audio and stadium systems, we have developed this midrange speaker that will fill your vehicle with warm midrange detail regardless of volume! The large motor and tight suspension of the Pro Audio […]... Read More

4x Timpano TPT-DH2000 2 Compression Driver Slim Aluminum Horn DH2000 200W

4x TPT-DH2000 2 Exit Aluminum Horn + Ferrite Driver. Shallow Compression Driver for mid-high vocal reproduction that offers high sensitivity and a pleasant sound from the titanium diaphragm. The small diameter of the driver allows front mounting, making it easy to install, without detaching the driver from the horn. 2″ titanium diaphragm with a 2″ […]... Read More

4x Timpano Audio TPT-MD8 Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker 8 Inch 8 Ohm 1800 Watts

450 Watts Continuous Power. 225 Watts RMS Power. Frequency Response: 95 9,000 Hz. Voice Coil: 1.5. Basket Material: Stamped Steel. Weight: 5.44 Lbs (2.47 Kg). Mounting depth: 3.23 (82 mm). The item “4x Timpano Audio TPT-MD8 Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker 8 Inch 8 Ohm 1800 Watts” is in sale since Monday, November 23, 2020. This […]... Read More