TC Electronic Voicetone H1

Experience the magic of the TC Electronic Voicetone H1 vocal effects processor. Crafted in Germany, this powerful device from TC Electronic is a must-have for all aspiring musicians and guitarists. With its advanced features and intuitive design, the Voicetone H1 is perfect for enhancing your vocal performance in live gigs and studio recordings alike. Featuring […]... Read More

TC Electronic Triple C Stereo Channel Multiband Compressor Digital I/O+ /GEWÄHR/

TC Electronic Triple C Stereo Multiband Compressor Processor Digital I/O. Drei digitale Kompressoren in Einem: Triple C Möglicherweise sollte der Triple C als Triple Threat bezeichnet werden. Es handelt sich um einen digitalen Fullrange-Kompressor, Multiband-Kompressor und Hüllkurvenkompressor, der in der Lage ist, extreme Änderungen von Attack und Release vorzunehmen. TC Electronic kommt mit einem weiteren […]... Read More

TC Electronic M100 Stereo Multi-Effects Reverb Delay Chorus Digital Processor

YOUR BEST SOURCE FOR PRO AUDIO GEAR. TC Electronic M100 Stereo Multi-Effects Reverb Delay Chorus Digital Processor. TC Electronic M100 Stereo Multi-Effects Processor. Stereo Multi-Effects Processor with Legendary TC Reverbs and Effects. If you want to add the digital magic that puts the perfect finishing touch on your live or studio sound, tap into the […]... Read More

TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Loudness Meter

Clarity M Stereo Loudness Meter. Stereo Audio Meter with 7 High-resolution Display and USB Connection for Plug-in Metering. TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo. The TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo Studio Audio Meter provides a comprehensive set of precision tools essential to the success of any audio producer. Ideally suited to stereo mixing, mastering and post-production, […]... Read More