BOYA BY-WM6S UHF Wireless Microphone System with RX6S Receiver and TX6S Transmit

The BOYA BY-WM6S is a new generation UHF wireless microphone system. Compatible with smartphone, tablet, DSLR camera, camcorder, audio recorder and more. With low-interference capacity and UHF transmission with true-diversity reception, it helps users guard against many kinds of troubles, even under difficult shooting conditions, and delivers the broadcast sound quality and integrity of audio. […]... Read More

BOYA BY-WM8 Pro K2 UHF Dual Channel Wireless Lapel Microphone System 1 TX 2 RX

The BY-WM8 Pro-K2 is an extremely. Piece of audio capture equipment capable of providing crisp sound. With an instant feedback headphone system, when filming you can hear the audio in. Making sure that no post production errors suddenly arise. The WM8 Pro K2 comes included with. Individual wearable microphone systems and. Both microphones can capture […]... Read More

BOYA Wireless Lavalier Lapel Microphone System for iPhone/iPad Dual Clip On Cord

BOYA Wireless Microphone for iPhone. The receiver is pretty compact and lightweight that makes it more convenient to connect it to your iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via an Apple MFI certified Lightning connector. The BOYA BY-WM4 PRO-K4’s back clip can be adjusted 360 degrees to adapt to various angles of […]... Read More