XRI Systems XR400 Midi Mate with original manual. MIDI merger/switcher

This XRI Systems XR400 Midi Mate comes with its original manual and offers a MIDI merger/switcher that is perfect for musicians and DJs. The device allows you to control multiple MIDI devices from a single input, making your performance or recording session more efficient and streamlined. With its durable construction and reliable functionality, you can […]... Read More

LD Systems Extra Receiver for the MEI1000G2-B5 In-Ear Monitoring System Bodypack

LD Systems Receiver for the MEI1000G2-B5 In-Ear Monitoring System. Additional Belt Pack Receiver. This bodypack is an additional belt pack receiver for the MEI1000G2 wireless in-ear monitoring system. This allows you to expand the number of receivers per transmitter, for performers requiring the same monitor mix. No limit to the amount of receivers. LD Systems […]... Read More