Custom In Ear Monitors 3 Driver System by Best Ears IEM (Worlds Best, Lowest $)

Please visit our website. The 3-driver system uses Knowles state-of-the-art Balanced Armature Drivers. This means that there are separate Bass, Mids, Highs drivers with integrated crossovers in. Making a total of 6 drivers in each set. In-Ear Monitors give you the ability to hear yourself and your band perfectly at the levels you want. In […]... Read More

Custom Call Letters Flag Plate SHURE 55 FATBOY UNIDYNE Vintage Microphone 556

THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR, WE WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL 1/1/2021! “Custom Call Letters Flag Plate SHURE 55 FATBOY UNIDYNE Vintage Microphone 556″. Custom microphone flag made with your text. Perfect for call signs or band names! Text on both sides, see pictures. Pictures shown are for reference, you choose your own wording or text! […]... Read More

Custom Vintage Neve 8×2 Summing Mixer on St Ives Marinair LO1166, 283 amp cards

Custom built Neve 8×2 Summing Mixer. This two rack space summing mixer is comprised of 100% classic Neve parts from original consoles : two Neve 283 amp cards, 8 x 31267 Marinair (most valuable dark green) input transformers, 2 x L10468 St Ives transformers (cleanest) 2 x LO 1166 output transformers!! This 8×2 summing mixer […]... Read More