Studiomaster Gx15ma Powered Monitor

Studiomaster GX15MA Active Wedge Speaker. The strong trapezoidal shaped wooden cabinets are black carpet covered to give a stylish, durable finish while keeping weight to a minimum. All full range cabinets contain a 35mm speaker pole socket for stand mounting and all models have tough slotted handles, making transportation easy. These passive cabinets have a […]... Read More

Custom Lynx TESTUDO. Neutrik Powered Active Speaker Cable. PRO Balanced XLR Lead

Neutrik Powered Active Speaker Cable. PRO Balanced XLR Lead. Custom Lynx TESTUDO Neutrik XLR Powered/Active Speaker Cables. TESTUDO is the new name for our professional microphone cable. And a name we believe will become the new industry standard. We believe TESTUDO is the best microphone cable currently available – BIG STATEMENT, here is why. Double […]... Read More