Avantone Pro CR14 Ribbon Microphone with Shock Mount CR-14 Dual-Ribbon

Pixel Pro Audio is an authorized. Pixel Pro Audio’s Choice. This ribbon mic not only looks great, but sounds incredibly natural as well. It excels on guitar cabs, harsh singers and especially as a drum room mic. This brand new Avantone Pro CR14 Dual Ribbon Microphone includes a shock mount, wood storage case, and an […]... Read More

Avantone Pro AV10 MLF Replacement Woofer for Yamaha NS-10M

Avantone Pro AV10 MLF Replacement Woofer for Yamaha NS-10M. Since Yamaha discontinued the iconic NS10M, the supply of aftermarket components has become both more expensive and less available. Avantone Pro has done an exact reverse engineering of the original drivers culminating in the creation of the Avantone AV10 MLF. Using global resources and decade of […]... Read More