SHURE KSM8 Cardioid Microphone

This Shure KSM8 microphone is a top-of-the-line option for live vocal performances. With dynamic transducer technology, it captures clear and accurate sound with a frequency response tailored specifically for vocals. The microphone has an XLR 3-pin wired connectivity and is compatible with a variety of brand names. The microphone is designed for vocals and is […]... Read More

Shure Wired Vocal Microphone Black (SM7B) Plus Stand, Pop Filter & Sound Sheil

This Shure SM7B microphone is perfect for recording vocals with its dynamic design and wired connectivity. The microphone comes in a sleek black colour and includes an integrated pop filter and built-in windscreen for high-quality recordings. Additionally, this package includes a stand, pop filter, and sound shield for added convenience and versatility. Ideal for musicians […]... Read More

Shure antenna distribution system

This Shure antenna distribution system is perfect for professional audio setups. It ensures consistent and reliable signal distribution with minimal interference. The system features a brand-new design by Shure, and is highly recommended for musicians, DJs and sound engineers. With its high-quality construction and top-of-the-line performance, the Shure UA844 is the ideal choice for anyone […]... Read More