SYNCO Xtalk X2 2-Person Headset System 2.4G O9K4

Features:? 2.4G Headset? The headset is equipped with the convenient and stable 2.4G frequency. With this technology, the headset ensures -notch stability and reliability, allowing you to communicate without interruption or interference. Stable Long Distance Team Communication? Stay effortlessly connected in teamwork communication with Xtalk headset, featuring an impressive of R350m/1148ft(LOS), and? 700m/2296ft (LOS) while […]... Read More

Soundtoys Decapitator And Little AlterBoy Licence Transfer

For Sale: Soundtoys Little Alter Boy vocal manipulation Plug-in. Decapitator Analog Saturation Plug-in. Unlock the full potential of your mixes with the Soundtoys Decapitator, the ultimate analog saturation plug-in. Renowned for its authentic analog warmth, the Decapitator is a must-have tool for producers, musicians, and sound engineers seeking to add depth, character, and grit to […]... Read More