B-52 ACTPRO-18F HD Professional Subwoofer Plate Amp BBE 1000W

Built to provide low end thump while retaining clarity, the B-52 ACTPRO-18F Class G sub amplifier proves to be a great amp to power almost any subwoofer. Originally used in both the B-52 ACTPRO-18F and ACTPRO-212S subwoofers, this amplifier offers a built-in compressor / limiter with a 12 dB / octave subsonic filter. The amp […]... Read More

B-52 Matrix-1500 BBE 3-Ch Plate Amplifier 1200W

Your #1 Source for Audio, Video and Speaker Building Components. B-52 Matrix-1500 BBE 3-Ch Plate Amplifier 1200W. The B-52 Matrix-1500 plate amp provides 1200W of power to three-channels. A 700W Class G amplifier powers a subwoofer, while the two 250W Class AB amplifier channels power two satellites. The amplifier features an integrated BBE Sonic Maximizer […]... Read More