Korg M3 Touch Screen Touch Panel Repair Kit Original Manufacturer Warranty

Korg M3 Workstation Touch Screen Replacement Kit All you need to get your Korg M3 back up and running! I’m here if you need any help! Buyers have come to me after purchasing cheaper “5v industrial screens” months earlier after their screen has failed. This is the only higher voltage rated screen available (7v). This […]... Read More

Korg ARP ODYSSEY analog duophonic Synthesizer, original Koffer & Verpackung

Korg ARP ODYSSEY duophonic Synthesizer in original Koffer und Karton mit Bedienungsanleitung und Netzteil. In tadellosem Zustand, wenig benutzt. Keine Rückgabe, kein Umtausch, keine Rückgabe. Korg ARP Odyssey duophonic Synthesizer, 37 Slim keys, comes with original Package, Psu & Manual. In great working and cosmetic condition. Rückgabe, Garantie, Umtausch ausgeschlossen. The item “Korg ARP ODYSSEY […]... Read More

Vintage Russian Tube Microphone Lomo KMD 19A9. Complete original set! MINT

Ube Microphone Lomo 19A9. Vintage Russian tube Microphone Lomo 19A9 Lenkinap 1972 year. Made in Russia with a 33mm large diaphragm gold plated, this microphone has a wide cardioid pattern and is very sensitive. It is a Lomo 19A9 tube microphone made in Russia in 1964. The head has a large diaphragm M 7 type […]... Read More

ATC SCM50A studio active monitor speakers with flight cases and original stands

An internet search for Trygg Tryggvason will give some indication of the work for which they were used. They have been stripped down and any dents or other minor case defects repaired before multiple coats of paint closely matching the original were applied. The bass drivers had some damage and ATC supplied me with a […]... Read More

Korg MS-20 Original Analog Mono Synth Pro overhauled with patch cables

The MS-20 was one of Korg’s first major successful portable analog monosynths and even today it is still a great little machine! The MS-20 is the big brother to the MS-10. It is an analog two-oscillator monophonic lead and bass synth with hard wired and patchable connections. The hard-wiring can be overridden however, using patch-cords. […]... Read More

Audient ASP880 8 Channel Mic Pre and AD Converter ADAT AES Original Packaging

Used in a smoke free, pet free studio environment. Excellent condition, very light usage.. Comes in original packaging with power cable. Audient ASP880 8 Channel Mic Pre and AD Converter ADAT AES. The item “Audient ASP880 8 Channel Mic Pre and AD Converter ADAT AES Original Packaging” is in sale since Saturday, September 21, 2019. […]... Read More

Neve 1272 Vintage Mic Preamp Line Amp Modules all original transformers and amps

Neve Vintage Original 1272 Pre Amp Module. Tested, sound good and passing signal. They do not appear to have any modifications and all. The original Neve 1272s are now very difficult to find. Neve 1272’s can be modified into Mic Preamps mainly because of the St. Ives/Marinair 10468 mic input transformer. These modules came out […]... Read More