2x PRV Audio 8MB500v2-NDY Mid Bass Neodymium 8 Speaker 8 ohm 8MB PRO Neo 1000W

PAIR PRV Audio 8MB500v2-NDY 8 Neodymium Midbass Woofer Alto Series Speaker 8 inch. 2 x PRV 8MB500v2-NDY. Program Power: 500 Watts. Sensitivity (1W/1m): 95 dB. Resonance Frequency (Fs): 71.42 Hz. Frequency Range at -10 dB: 75 – 7,500 Hz. Recommended Hi Pass X-Over: 120 Hz. Xmax: 4.75 mm. Voice Coil Diameter: 2. Frame Material: Stamped […]... Read More

4x PRV Audio 6MB250-NDY-4 Mid Bass Neodymium 6.5 Speaker 4 ohm 6 PRO Neo 1000W

4 X PRV Audio 6MB250-NDY-4 Neodymium 6.5 Midbass Woofers 4 Ohms. PRV Audio’s 6MB250-NDY-4 6-1/2 midbass woofer offers punchy midbass combined with a smooth midrange and response up to 6,500 Hz. The size and punch of this pro audio driver makes it perfect for use as a midrange driver in a 3-way loudspeaker cabinet or […]... Read More

Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Tube Microphone Preamp Opto-Compressor

The (frankly awesome) Universal Audio LA-610 MkII Tube Microphone Preamp + Opto-Compressor. This is an inspired pairing with a decent vocal microphone but Jack DI input on the front also makes it excellent for Guitar / Bass. Excellent and industry trusted Valve based design – A mono pre-amp with classic opto-style compressor. Pair with a […]... Read More

UBK FATSO from Kush Audio Unique Compressor with Tape-Style Warmth Circuit

UBK FATSO from Kush Audio Unique Compressor with Tape Style Warmth. Kush Audio’s take on an. Lab’s classic Fatso. Re-tuned circuits provide an ace selection of compression options that work ever so well on a massive variety of instruments and sounds. The tape style warmth emulation is exceptional and paired with the Kush tweaks make […]... Read More

Seismic Audio 4 Space Rack Case with Slant Mixer Top-Amp Effect PA/DJ Pro Audio

4 Space Rack Case with Slant Mixer Top – Amp Effect PA/DJ Pro Audio. 4 Space Rack/Road Case with Slant Mixer Top. 10 Space Mixer Top. Black with aluminum rails. Light weight, Pro design. Front and top removable doors. Convenient rear door for easy accessibility. Has dual 4 steel link locks on both doors. Spring […]... Read More

2x PRV Audio 10W650A-4 Mid Range ALTO Car Stereo 10 Speaker 4 ohm 10A PRO 1300W

Pair PRV Audio 10W650A-4 10 ALTO Series Woofer. 2 x PRV 10W650A-4 Loudspeaker. PRV Audio’s Alto Series 10W650A-4 is an impressive driver, without a high-end price. This 8 ohm 10 is a great woofer for any high output system such as pro audio or even high SPL automotive systems, this driver is capable of extremely […]... Read More