DOD by Harman SR430 Dual 15-Band Professional Equalizer EQ with Constant Q Filters

DOD by Harman SR430 Dual 15-Band Professional Equalizer EQ w/ Constant Q Filters. The SR430 QXLR is a dual channel, 15 band 2/3 octave graphic equalizer which features constant Q circuitry, housed in a single space rack. The sliders are 20mm center detent, with 12 dB of boost and cut for each slider. The unit […]... Read More

Stromberg Carlson Tube Microphone Amplifier With Equalizer RCA Altec

This amplifier is in really good condition considering age. See pics for tubes used and other details. As far as I know RCA made the 6SJ7 tubes, but printed Stromberg Carlson on them. Also, there is a tube eq, treble and bass control. Thanks for looking and good luck. The item “Stromberg Carlson Tube Microphone […]... Read More

FabFilter PRO-Q 3 Equalizer Fab Filter EQ 2 Audio Software Plug-in NEW Version 3

Thank you for visiting our Store! This Item is On Sale. Make an Offer for Discount! FabFilter Pro-Q 3 – Equalizer Plug-In. GET UP AND RUNNING TODAY! FabFilter Pro-Q 3 is a top-quality EQ plug-in with perfect analog modeling, linear phase processing and a gorgeous interface with unrivalled ease of use. This item is BRAND […]... Read More

Focusrite ISA220 Session Pack Channel Strip Pre-Amp Compressor Equalizer & More

This is a used Focusrite ISA220 Session Pack Pre-Amp/EQ/Compressor/channel strip. Used for audio recording, performance and more. Unit is in good condition with minor scuff, scratches and wear from install, use, removal and storage. Most of the scratches are around the rack mounts, aside from that it’s a nice clean looking unit. Unit powers on […]... Read More

Alctron MP73EQ 1073 Style Microphone Preamp and Equalizer Channel Strip

The MP73EQ is a high-end Microphone Preamplifier and Equalizer, its power starts with its input stage, which allows you to select the perfect impedance for your microphone. This function alone makes the MP73EQ invaluable to any serious engineer, because it allows you to get a wide range of tone out of a single microphone. It […]... Read More

New Trident Audio 80B-500 80B 4 Band EQ Equalizer 500 Series Module Hardware

New Trident Audio 80B-500 80B 4 Band EQ Equalizer 500 Series Module Hardware. The Series 80B 500 Series EQ incorporates a classic four band equaliser which is identicalto that employed in the Trident Series 80 console. It consists of frequency switchable high and low pass shelving sections, coupled with two swept low and high mid […]... Read More

Klark Teknik EQP-KT ClassicTube Equalizer with Midas Transformers

Klark Teknik EQP-KT Classic Tube Equalizer with Switchable Frequency Selection, Variable Bandwidth and Custom-Built MIDAS Transformers. If ever there is an official Audio Technology Hall of Fame, it will definitely include a shrine to the legendary Pultec EQP-1A. We pay homage to this audio-processing pioneer that has graced so many recordings, with our EQP-KT Classic […]... Read More