D Debra Audio UHF 4 Channel Wireless Microphone System With Handheld Headset Mic

Debra Audio AU400 4 channel wireless microphone system. Mic colour strips may be different. These series products adopt UHF frequency and use the international standard common frequency which can be used in all over the world. Due to the low frequency and many reasons, traditional wireless microphone are usually disturbed by many factors especially by […]... Read More

Mackie D8B 56 input / 72 channel digital audio mixer & Psu UNTESTED Error 43

For sale: Mackie D8B 56 input / 72 channel digital audio mixer. Condition is Good, check photos. This Mackie D8B digital audio mixer is a powerful tool for any musician or recording studio. With 56 line inputs, 12 mic inputs, and 72 channels, this mixer has the capacity to handle large recording sessions or live […]... Read More