Pair EV Sx100 speakers with covers

This pair of speakers from EV is a great addition to any musician or DJ’s setup. With their sleek black color and hardy covers, they are both stylish and practical. The speakers are wired and are designed to deliver great sound quality, making them perfect for concerts, parties and other events. These EV Sx100 speakers […]... Read More

Citronic CSD-8 Compact Mixer with BT Receiver + DSP Effects

Citronic CSD-8 Compact Mixer with BT Receiver + DSP Effects. Effects 16 program DSP (24-bit sigma-delta, 40kHz). Power supply 5Vdc 1A (adaptor included). OutputLeft + Right balanced XLR. Audio source Bluetooth receiver. Bluetooth version 2.1 + EDR. Phantom power +48V individually switchable (XLR inputs only). Input impedance : mic2k Ohms. Input impedance : instrument1M Ohms. […]... Read More