Behringer Legendary Odyssey Analog Synthesizer with Klark Teknik FX Auth Dealer

Behringer Legendary Odyssey Analog Synthesizer. 37-key Duophonic Analog Synthesizer with Dual VCOs, 3-way Multi-Mode VCF, 32-Step Sequencer, Arpeggiator, and Klark Teknik FX. Behringer’s über-affordable homage to the legendary 1970s ARP Odyssey gives you all the classic features plus state-of-the-art modern updates. Like the original, the Behringer Odyssey is a dual-VCO duophonic analog synthesizer with 37 […]... Read More

Novation Bass Station Rack Legendary Analog Subtractive Synthesizer + /GEWÄHR/

Novation Bass Station Rack Legendary Analog Subtractive Synthesizer. Die Bass Station ist ein unglaublicher kleiner Synthesizer, der bei der Veröffentlichung sofort ein Erfolg war. Es handelt sich um einen monophonen analogen Bass-Synthesizer, der seit den 1980er-Jahren als einer der ersten neuen analogen Synthesizer auf den Musikmarkt kam. Es eignet sich hervorragend zur Wiederherstellung klassischer TB-303-Linien […]... Read More

E-mu Morpheus Digital Z-Plane Synthesizer. Rare and Legendary Vintage Synth

E-mu Morpheus Digital Z-Plane Synthesizer Please note that I may add more more information. This has been well tested and is working perfectly. It’s also in pretty good cosmetic condition, but this is a used item from 1993. So at over 25 years old, it does have some scratches to the casing and some very […]... Read More